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演出艺人:Shenel Dianna-Marie Johns,Jalen Charles Baker,Liston Alberic Gregory III,Ulysses Samuel Owens Jr,Yasushi Nakamura

演出场地:上海 林肯爵士乐上海中心


01月08日 - 01月13日

第一场入场时间:18:30  演出时间:19:30

第二场(周二- 周四)入场时间:21:00 演出时间:21:30

第二场(周五- 周六)入场时间:21:30 演出时间:22:00

周日午间场 入场时间 11:30 演出时间:12:30

周日晚间场 入场时间 18:00 演出时间:19:00



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Ulysses Owens Jr. Bio

Heralded as a “powerhouse of a showman” (Glide Magazine), a “legitimate jazz triple threat” (Critical Jazz) and a drummer who “take[s] a back seat to no one” (The New York Times), performer, producer and educator Ulysses Owens Jr. goes the limit in the jazz world and beyond.

Owens has been named a Rising Star by DownBeat’s Critics Poll for five years straight. He is a recipient of the 2013 ASCAP Plus Award, the 2014 Global Music Award and the 2015 Jazz at Lincoln Center Swing! Award. Claiming three successful albums of his own (It’s Time for U, Unanimous, and Onward and Upward.) Owens has gained special attention for his performances on the GRAMMY award-winning albums Dedicated to You (Kurt Elling) and The Good Feeling (Christian McBride Big Band.)

An active faculty member of the Jazz Studies Program at his alma mater, the Juilliard School. He also oversees programming for hundreds of children and teens as Artistic Director for Don’t Miss a Beat, Inc., a youth-empowerment non-profit founded by his family in 2008 in his hometown of Jacksonville, Florida.

Owens’s most recent album, THREE, features bassist Reuben Rogers and vibraphonist Joel Ross and Reuben Rogers.  was released August ’17 on the Spice of Life Label. Ulysses remains consistently in demand for new projects. He remains one of the most sought-after drummers and thought leaders of his generation.

Ulysses Owens Jr. Bio

被誉为“演出者的强者”(Glide杂志),“合法的爵士三重威胁”(重要爵士乐)和鼓舞人物“无人靠后”(纽约时报),表演者,制片人和教育家尤利西斯·欧文斯(Ulysses Owens Jr.)。

他是其母校茱莉亚音乐学院爵士研究项目的活跃教员。他还负责监督数百名儿童和青少年的节目,作为Do not Beat,Inc。的艺术总监,这是一个由他的家人于2008年在家乡佛罗里达州杰克逊维尔创立的一个非营利组织。

Owens的新专辑“THREE”以贝司手Reuben Rogers和管琴乐手Joel Ross和Reuben Rogers为特色。于17年8月在Spice of Life Label上发布。尤利西斯对新专辑的需求始终如一。他仍然是他那一代受欢迎的鼓手和思想领袖之一。

Shenel Johns

With a voice that embodies grace and passion and a personal style that sways effortlessly from Jazz to R&B to Gospel, Shenel Johns has emerged as one of the shining stars of her generation.

Performing since she was 14, Shenel has developed her own eclectic style, counting among her influences Ella Fitzgerald, Abbey Lincoln, and Sarah Vaughn. She has shared the stage with music royalty including Curtis Fuller, Eddie Palmieri, Hank Jones, Jeremy Pelt, Dionne Warwick, and Sheila Jordan.

Returning recently from Qatar where she served her third musical residency at Jazz at Lincoln Center Doha, Shenel has honored Billie Holiday as part of JALC’s New York production of “Billie and the Boys.” And has performed a tribute to another of her idols, Lena Horne, at New York City’s famed Appel Theater. Shenel has since toured Russia twice as a Culture Ambassador and found a home as the newest member in the George Gee Swing Orchestra.

A native of Hartford, CT, Shenel has studied performance with such jazz legends as Rene McLean, Jimmy Greene, and Nat Reeves. She graduated from the Jackie McLean Institute at the Hartt School of Music with a bachelor’s degree in music management.

When she is not singing, Shenel is working behind the scenes in programming at Jazz at Lincoln Center and other non-profit organizations that advocate for and support the arts.

Shenel Johns的声音体现了优雅和激情,以及从爵士乐到R&B到福音到摇摆乐的风格,已成为她这一代人中闪亮的明星。

从她14岁开始表演,Shenel开发了她自己的热衷主义风格,其中包括她的影响力Ella Fitzgerald,Abbey Lincoln和Sarah Vaughn。她与音乐皇室共享舞台,包括Curtis Fuller,Eddie Palmieri,Hank Jones,Jeremy Pelt,Dionne Warwick和Sheila Jordan。

最近她从卡塔尔回到她在萨尔中心多哈的爵士乐队担任歌手主创,Shenel将JillC纽约制作“Billie and the Boys”的一部分称为Billie Holiday。并向她的另一位偶像Lena表示敬意。此后,Shenel曾两次作为文化大使访问俄罗斯,并成为George Gee Swing Orchestra的最新成员。

作为康涅狄格州哈特福德人,Shenel曾与Rene McLean,Jimmy Greene和Nat Reeves等爵士传奇人物一起学习表演。她毕业于哈特音乐学院的杰基麦克莱恩学院,获得音乐管理学士学位。


Jalen Baker Bio

Jalen Baker, born in Washington DC and raised in Houston, TX, is a vibraphonist, educator, and composer. Graduating in May 2017, Jalen received his BM in Jazz Studies from Columbia College Chicago while studying with Jarrett Hicks. He is currently pursuing his MM in Jazz Studies as a Graduate Assistant at Florida State University

Jalen’s musical ability has been acknowledged on numerous occasions. While at Columbia College Chicago, he was named outstanding soloist at both the Notre Dame and Elmhurst Jazz Festivals and was selected as one of two students to represent the school at the Arcevia Jazz Festival in Italy. Jalen is an active musician in the Chicago area, having played with the Jarred Harris Quintet, The Dod Kalm Quartet, and Human Bloom to name a few.

Jalen Baker Bio

Jalen Baker出生于华盛顿特区,在德克萨斯州休斯顿长大,是一位教育家和作曲家。 2017年5月毕业时,Jalen在与Jarrett Hicks一起学习期间获得了芝加哥哥伦比亚学院爵士研究的学士学位。 他目前正在佛罗里达州立大学攻读爵士研究硕士学位

Jalen的音乐能力在很多场合得到了认可。 在芝加哥哥伦比亚学院期间,他在Notre Dame和Elmhurst Jazz Festivals都被评为杰出的独奏家,并被选为代表意大利Arcevia爵士音乐节的两名学生之一。 Jalen是芝加哥地区的一名活跃的音乐家,曾与Jarred Harris Quintet,The Dod Kalm四重奏和Human Bloom一起演出。

Liston Gregory III Bio

Liston Gregory III was born and raised in Sarasota,Fl. His passion for music led him to State College of Florida, where he discovered professors and students in his hometown who have challenged him to become the musician he is today. He is a Graduate of University of North Florida earning his B.A. Degree in Jazz studies and piano pedagogy and studied with Lynne Arriale. He began working with Ulysses Owens Jr, with his non-profit organization, Don’t Miss a Beat in 2016. Liston has toured , and recorded nationally with Ulysses Owens Jr, and performed at Jazz at Lincoln Center Shanghai. Liston is  honored  to work with such an amazing group of musicians in the capacity of Pianist, Music Director, Composer and Arranger. 

Liston Gregory III Bio

利斯顿格雷戈里三世在佛罗里达州萨拉索塔出生长大。 他对音乐的热情使他进入佛罗里达州立大学,在那里他发现了家乡的教授和学生,这促使他成为音乐家。 他是北佛罗里达大学的毕业生,获得了他的学士学位。 获得爵士学位和钢琴教学学位,并与Lynne Arriale一起学习。 他于2016年开始与Ulysses Owens Jr及其非盈利组织Do not Miss a Beat合作。Liston已经参与Ulysses Owens Jr的巡回演出,并在上海林肯中心的爵士乐演出。 利斯顿很荣幸能够以钢琴家,音乐总监,作曲家和编曲家的身份与如此出色的音乐家团队合作。

Yasushi Nakamura Bio

One of the most commanding voices on bass today, Yasushi Nakamura is praised for imaginative, quicksilver bass lines that deepen the groove. His blend of guitar-like precision and gut-level blues has sparked collaborations with artists such as Wynton Marsalis, Wycliffe Gordon, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Hank Jones, Dave Douglas, Steve Miller, etc. With his charismatic stage presence and artful, hard swinging melodic touch, Nakamura is a first-call performer capturing new audiences and fans around the world.

Born in Tokyo, Nakamura moved to the United States at age 9, and considers both places home. He began with clarinet and tenor saxophone, but his older brother’s study of guitar and drums drove him to pick up the bass. His love of rock and funk aside, the music of Charlie Parker, Ray Brown, Miles Davis were a potent influence on him. Nakamura received a BA in Jazz Performance from Berklee School of Music in 2000, and was awarded a full scholarship to The Juilliard School for his Artist Diploma in 2006. He credits Myron Walden as an early champion, and keeps close ties to Juilliard mentors Victor Goines, Wycliffe Gordon, and Carl Allen, all of whom maintain him in their bands.

Nakamura’s career is flourishing, with consistent engagements at premier jazz festivals including Tokyo, North Sea, Monterey, Ravinia, and venues such as Birdland, Village Vanguard, the Blue Note, the Kennedy Center, Jazz at Lincoln Center, and Carnegie Hall. In 2014, he was honored to play the “NEA Jazz Masters Concert: Celebrating Jamey Abersold, Anthony Braxton, Richard Davis, and Keith Jarrett,” sharing the stage with Joe Lovano and Dave Liebman. A wide array of projects permits him to explore musical styles and collaborations. In 2016, he recorded with one of his long-time inspirations, Toshiko Akiyoshi, for her recent release, Porgy and Bess. His performance with Akiyoshi’s Jazz Orchestra was also broadcast as a documentary film. Recent works include “For the Love of Duke” with New York City Ballet choreographed by Susan Stroman, and “Ellington at Christmas: Nutcracker Suite” with Savion Glover, Lizz Wright, the Abyssinian Baptist Choir, and David Berger conducting. In 2010, he toured the Middle East with Jazz at Lincoln Center’s “Kings of the Crescent City” project, and he toured Asia in 2008 with the Juilliard All-Stars. As an educator, Nakamura has led master classes and summer intensive courses at the The Juilliard School, New School, Koyo Conservatory, Osaka Geidai, and Savannah Swing Central.

In fall 2016, Nakamura begins a European tour with Aaron Goldberg, Dave Douglas Quartet. He is also an established member of Clarence Penn and Penn Station, Mark Whitfield Family Band, and more. Yet Nakamura is equally passionate about creating new music with the artists of his generation. He is a founding member of New Century Jazz Quintet and Japanese jazz band, JSquad, for which he also composes. Inspired by the totality of his musical journey, Nakamura is poised to make his highly anticipated album debut as leader in late 2016

Yasushi Nakamura Bio

作为当今受欢迎的贝斯手之一,Yasushi Nakamura因其富有想象力的,快速的低音线条而受到称赞,这些线条加深了音乐的整体感。他融合了吉他般的精确度和蓝调风格,曾与Wynton Marsalis,Wycliffe Gordon,Toshiko Akiyoshi,Hank Jones,Dave Douglas,Steve Miller等艺术家的合作。他充满魅力的舞台表演和狡猾的旋律触摸。


Nakamura出生于东京,9岁时移居美国,他认为这两个地方都有家的感觉。他从单簧管、高音萨克斯管开始学习,但他哥哥对吉他和鼓的研究驱使他拿起贝斯。除了对摇滚和放克的热爱之外,查理帕克,雷布朗,迈尔斯戴维斯的音乐对他有着强烈的影响。 Nakamura于2000年获得伯克利音乐学院爵士乐表演学士学位,并于2006年获得茱莉亚音乐学院的全额奖学金。他将Myron Walden称为早期启蒙老师,并与茱莉亚导师Victor Goines保持密切联系。


2016年秋季,Nakamura与Aaron Goldberg,Dave Douglas四重奏组开始欧洲巡演。然而,Nakamura同样热衷于与他那一代的艺术家一起创作新音乐。他是New Century Jazz Quintet和日本爵士乐队JSquad的创始成员,他也参与创作。受到他整个音乐之旅的启发,Nakamura准备在2016年底作为制作他的个人专辑。

总部在纽约的林肯爵士乐中心成立于1987年,现由著名的爵士艺术家温顿·马萨利斯担任艺术总监。通过知名的林肯爵士乐团和众多客座艺术家,每年制作以爵士为主题的各类音乐节目、教育普及和现场表演, 把爵士艺术的丰富内涵和娱乐性推广到全球。

在庆祝30年华诞之际,由林肯爵士和外滩投资集团共同合作的林肯爵士乐上海中心正式落户和爵士有渊源历史的外滩, 坐落在繁华的南京东路上历史老建筑内。整个空间的设计体现着爵士的“swing”理念, 融汇了上世纪三十年代新欧陆古典主义风情和当代都市艺术时尚气息,在同一个空间上, 演绎不同时空下的故事。为世界一流的爵士艺术家和观众创造了一个惬意的私享空间,零距离的交流宛如爵士旋律,使音乐与思绪交织,让灵感与情感迸发。

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