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参演艺人:Simon Shieh,肖水,Anthony Tao,大卫 DAWEI,大卫与社会诗歌乐队,MACONDØ,Liane Halton

演出场地:北京 黄昏黎明DDC

Bands 乐队:

Liane Halton – Anthony Tao

Djang San and Band – Xiao Shui 肖水

Macondo – Simon Shieh

Dawei and Social Poets 大卫与社会诗歌 – Dawei 大卫


Spittoon is Beijing’s main stage for poetry and fiction writers, with reading nights taking place across the city and a bi-annual literary magazine that sells in outlets all over town. Spittoon has always been a platform for creativity and innovation, and we are very excited to introduce the next showcase of our exciting music and writing collaboration project -  Set to take place at DDC, June 27th 2018.

Spittoon 是北京诗人与小说作家*的平台,在城市的每个角落他们都举行过阅读之夜的活动,以及每两年一次出版刊有优秀作品的文学杂志。Spittoon 一直是创新与创造的舞台,我们非常兴奋地宣布下场音乐与文字合作项目的信息——将于2018年6月27日在 DDC 举行。

Spit-Tunes sets up a band or musical artist with a poet for collaboration on a special musical piece inspired by the poet’s poetry.  We have an amazing line up, with KO,  DFA1989, Hugh Reed, Li Er Yang, and Ember Swift taking part – A vast array of musical styles that would suffice to be a brilliant gig alone except that now the bands will play a special collaboration song in their sets, complete with a small reading from each collaborating poet.

Spit-Tunes 寻求让音乐与诗人美妙的诗句相结合,演绎受到诗句启发的音乐。KO, DFA 1989, Hugh Reed, Li Er Yang 李尔杨, Ember Swift, 都曾与参加过我们一系列的精彩演出。我们演绎过各种类型的音乐,它们完美地贴合与演绎着诗人的作品,除此之外,每首歌曲当中还拥有一场小小的朗读环节。

This is a project that brings Beijing's music and literary scenes together in a hugely compelling way and we're very lucky to have the best talents to bring it to life. Come to DDC on the 27th June to see the what our musicians and writers have cooked up.


此次演出中将会有北京*秀的音乐与最棒的文学作品,我们也非常幸运请到数位诗人来参与到演出当中。让我们6月27日 DDC 见!



Simon Shieh


Simon Shieh is a poet and the Director of InkBeat Arts, an organization that empowers young people through artistic expression. He is the Editor in Chief of the Spittoon Literary Magazine and serves as the Writer in Residence at the International School of Beijing. Simon’s work appears or is forthcoming in Grist, Public Poetry, Anomaly, SOFTBLOW, Kartika Review, and CALAMITY, among others.

Simon Shieh 是一个诗人,同时也是InkBear Arts的策划人,致力于帮助年轻人进行他们的艺术表达。他同时也是 Spittoon 文学杂志的主编,北京国际学校的一名作家。Simon 的作品将会出现在 Grist, Public Poetry, Anomaly, SOFTBLOW, Kartika Review 和 CALAMITY 等平台上面。


Xiao Shui


肖水,1980年生于湖南郴州,先后就读于复旦大学法学院、中文系。曾任复旦诗社第二十七任社长,创办复旦诗歌节、复旦诗歌图书馆、复旦大学诗歌资料收藏中心。出版有诗集《失物认领》(2012)、《中文课》(台湾,2012)、《艾草:新绝句诗集》(2014)、《渤海故事集:小说诗诗集》(2016)、《渤海故事集》(中英文双语版,Noelle Noell 译,香港,2017)。合译布劳提根诗集《避孕药与春山矿难》、小说《在美国钓鳟鱼》(广西师范大学出版社,2018),主编《复旦诗选》(2013、2015、2016)。曾获未名诗歌奖、《上海文学》诗歌新人奖、诗探索奖•新锐奖、三月三诗会奖、第二届华语青年作家奖提名奖、第二届建安文学奖、第七届复旦诗歌特别贡献奖等。


Anthony Tao


Anthony Tao is a writer, editor, and cat owner in Beijing. His poetry has appeared in publications such as Prairie Schooner, Borderlands, Kartika Review, Cottonwood, Asian Cha, etc. (and Spittoon!). He is currently the Asia managing editor of the China news website SupChina.com, and captain of Beijing Ultimate Frisbee teams. Previously you might have seen him around The Bookworm coordinating the 9th and 10th editions of the Bookworm Literary Festival.

Anthony Tao 是一名作家,编辑,也在北京养了一只猫。他的诗歌经常出现在诸如 Prairie Schooner, Borderlands, Kartika Review, Cottonwood, Asian Cha 等平台上面(当然也包括 Spittoon)。现在他是 SupChina 中国新闻网的亚洲地区编辑,也是北京 Ultimate Frisbee 的队长。之前也许你曾在 Bookworm 举办的文学节上面见过他。


Dawei 大卫




Artists 表演家:



Macondo make some of the most interesting and exciting music coming out of Beijing today: instrumental rock with elements of math-core, infused with vibes drawn from 70s psychedelic music, adding the production and sound of today's electronic music. Their unique music shifts from sounds that are ambient and heavy, spacious and dense to atmospheric but rhythmically driven. Bombastic drumming, layered with lush floating guitar textures and earth-shaking energetic bass attack, and otherworldly synthesiser sounds.


MACONDO 乐队做的是令人兴奋的音乐:受 70 年代迷幻摇滚启发,融合了器乐摇滚、后摇、数学摇滚和电子音乐。激扬的鼓点、飘渺复杂的吉他、极具攻 击性的贝斯,以及超然的合成器音效交织在一起,构建了其独特的音乐,在变 幻莫测的节奏驱动下,呈现某种氛围和空间感甚至心理压迫感。 


Formed in 2014, the band quickly made a splash on the Beijing music scene, their live shows left audiences open-mouthed, describing it as 'Volcano Rock'.
自2014年成立始,Macondo 迅猛袭击北京音乐现场,他们的演出往往令观众瞠目结舌,并被形容为 "火山摇滚" 。 


Djang San and Band 张思安与乐队

Re-inventor of Chinese classical instrument zhongruan, philosopher, poet, composer, guitar hero, DJ, one man orchestra, music pioneer and explorer of new sounds, Djang San has been doing music in China since the year 2000. An artist with many faces, Djang San has also won the battle of the bands in Mainland China and Hong Kong against 100 bands in the year 2011.

Djang San has so far released 28 albums, the music styles of the albums range from Jazz to electro, rock, classical music, experimental music and more. Creator of a theory of intelligence, the personality of Djang San takes many different shapes in his many different projects.

As a one man band, Djang San plays seven different instruments on stage including guitar, flutes, electronic devices and synthesizers.

Djang San + Band is an extension of Djang San, a trio based on an electric version of Chinese instrument zhongruan he has created himself in 2014. The band is now extending its playlist to all of Djang San’s 28 albums.




张思安原名让-塞巴斯蒂安·艾利,人们也叫他J.S.。J.S.于2000年踏上中国的土地。2010年,他以“保险超人乐队”参加了中国摇滚大赛 并在香港赢得*。他一直在电子和实验音乐领域孜孜不倦地探索。他的音乐很难归类。他也许是*个用中阮作曲的外国人,也是*位使用这一乐器演奏爵士乐的音乐家。


Liane Halton


 Having completed a B. Mus. in Composition and Classical Guitar at Rhodes University in South Africa in 2012, Liane moves between contemporary world, classical and jazz styles. She is currently the bassist for the Surf band "Boss Cuts", and composes for the classical guitar.

Liane Halton 于2012年在南非的 Rhodes 大学完成了作曲与古典吉他的学习,之后 Liane变在演奏中融合了现代、古典与爵士的风格。她现在是 Boss Cuts 乐队的贝斯手,同时也吉他进行作曲。


Dawei and Social Poets 大卫与社会诗歌

他获得过数不清的 Freestyle Battle *头衔,他是崔健最喜欢的说唱歌手。大卫,*的疯逼一个。是武术老师,诗人,影像工作者,历史评论员,文化激进分子,疯狂说唱者。他像一个同时自我复制又自我反对的拄杖教父,在破布与华服、疲惫与矍铄的极端中,甩着双节棍肆意穿梭。


His music rhymes with violence, acme, affection, literature profoundness, and is full of dramatic tension. free-style rapping is one of his signature. Every time Da Wei's on stage, he surges a poetic tsunami, sweeping the crowd and no one is left to dry. 








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