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演出场地:北京 Blue Note Beijing



入场时间/Door Time:6:00 PM

演出时间/Show Time:7:30PM



入场时间/Door Time:6:00 PM

演出时间/Show Time:7:30PM


入场时间/Door Time:9:30PM

演出时间/Show Time:10:00PM

地址/Add:前门东大街23号 Blue Note Beijing

23 Qianmen East Street. Dongcheng District. Beijing




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KCL,这支标志性的,风格多样的实力三重奏由富有远见的吉他手Wayne Krantz领导,以及鼓手Keith Carlock(曾合作Steely Dan、Sting、John Mayer)和贝斯手Tim Lefebvre(曾合作Tedeschi Trucks乐队与David Bowie)在周四晚上于纽约市的55 Bar结束了本世纪的另一个十年。KCL削减了在俱乐部的现场录音,而在将它们发布到网上,并且只是偶尔地巡回演出,KCL开发了一种完全原创的交互式小组即兴创作风格,其灵感源于60年代伟大的Miles Davis 五重奏,但他们融合出的风格是自发产生的重放克,摇滚和电子乐环境,而不是主流摇摆乐。




在2010年通过Abstract Logix厂牌发行专辑《Krantz Carlock Lefebvre》后不久,其他非主要乐队成员便陆续退出了乐队,但由随着乐队众多观众录制的精彩现场视频和录音,他们还是成功吸引了更多的粉丝,他们的声誉持续在世界范围内扩展。如今,2020年,KCL再次出发,将在美国,欧洲和亚洲进行巡回演出。


KCL, the iconic, genre-bending powerhouse trio led by visionary guitarist Wayne Krantz and featuring drummer Keith Carlock(Steely Dan, Sting, John Mayer) and bassist Tim Lefebvre (Tedeschi Trucks Band, David Bowie), held a Thursday-night residency at NYC’s 55 Bar throughout the first decade of the new millenium. Cutting live recordings from the club and posting them online in the early days of the internet and touring only sporadically, KCL developed a thoroughly original style of interactive group improvisation inspired in part by the great Miles Davis Quintet of the 60s, but played out in spontaneously generated contexts of heavy funk, rock and electronica instead of straight-ahead swing.


As other instrumental bands of the day dabbled in derivative fusion and retro-jazz, KCL became an underground phenomenon, cultivating an international following of devoted fans of every stripe looking for an alternative creative music that served the mind, body and spirit. Relentlessly grooving, always innovative, never complacent - KCL made contemporary music that resonated beyond category.


Other sideman obligations sidelined the band soon after their Abstract Logix release, “Krantz Carlock Lefebvre,” in 2010, but their reputation continued to expand globally through fan circulation of the band’s many live videos and recordings. Now, in 2020, KCL re-ignites to tour with incendiary shows throughout the USA, Europe and Asia.

Wayne Krantz


Wayne Krantz是美国吉他手兼作曲家。他曾与Steely Dan、Michael Brecker,Donald Fagen、Billy Cobham、Chris Potter、David Binney和Carla Bley一起演出并录制唱片。自1990年代初以来,他主要专注于个人事业,主要是担任三重奏的领队。


Krantz出生于俄勒冈州科瓦利斯(Corvallis),十四岁时他首次听到了甲壳虫乐队的歌并深深迷上了它们,于是从此他开始学习弹奏吉他。当时他在乡村和摇滚乐队中演出,后来他在父亲收藏的专辑中接触到了爵士乐,从此他沦陷在了这种音乐里。他曾所在的乐队包括了Bill Frisell,曾与Carla Bley一起巡回演出。他于1991年发行了个人首张专辑《Signals》。他早先与Lincoln Goines和Zach Danzige组过三重奏,之后又与Tim Lefebvre和Keith Carlock组成了三重奏。他还与Billy Cobham,Michael Brecker,Chris Potter和Steely Dan合作过。


Krantz与Abstract Logix厂牌签约,以发行十五年来的首张录音室唱片。 《Krantz Carlock Lefebvre》(2009)是与Lefebvre和Carlock组成的三重奏一同录制的。 2012年,Krantz发行了《Howie 61》,名字参考了Bob Dylan的《Highway 61》,其中包括了John Patitucci、Charley Drayton、Tal Wilkenfeld、Vinnie Colaiuta等爵士音乐人。


Wayne Krantz is an American guitarist and composer. He has performed and recorded with Steely Dan, Michael Brecker, Donald Fagen, Billy Cobham, Chris Potter, David Binney and Carla Bley. Since the early 1990s has focused primarily on his solo career, mostly as the leader of a trio.


A native of Corvallis, Oregon, Krantz was inspired to play guitar when he was fourteen after hearing the Beatles. Although he played in country and rock bands, he heard jazz through his father's album collection. He was in a band that included Bill Frisell and went on tour with Carla Bley. He released in debut solo album Signals in 1991. He formed a trio with Lincoln Goines and Zach Danziger, then with Tim Lefebvre and Keith Carlock. He has also worked with Billy Cobham, Michael Brecker, Chris Potter, and Steely Dan.


Krantz signed with record label Abstract Logix to release his first studio record in over fifteen years. Krantz Carlock Lefebvre (2009) was recorded in a trio with Lefebvre and Carlock. In 2012, Krantz released Howie 61 (a reference to Bob Dylan's Highway 61 Revisited), which includes John Patitucci, Charley Drayton, Tal Wilkenfeld, Vinnie Colaiuta, Anton Fig, Jeremy Stacey, Paul Stacey, Pino Palladino, Gabriela Anders, Kenny Wollesen, Nate Wood, Henry Hey, and Owen Biddle.


Tim Lefebvre


Tim Lefebvre是广受赞誉的世界上最具创新性的贝斯手之一。 这位来自Foxboro的贝斯手的创作与演奏风格是将爵士即兴演奏、摇滚低音与电子律动的令人上瘾的融合,可以在他的150多张唱片中瞥见一斑,从格莱美获奖专辑,如David Bowie的《Blackstar》,到经典配乐电影《无间行者》。从2013年到2018年,Lefebvre是充满活力的布鲁斯摇滚合奏团Tedeschi Trucks乐队的贝斯手,他的最新三张专辑是《Let Me Get By》(2016年),《Live from the Fox Oakland》(2017年)和《Signs》(2019)。在加入乐队之前,他曾与Wayne Krantz,Chris Botti和Leni Stern等艺术家合作。 Lefebvre现在居住在洛杉矶,目前是众多乐队的贝斯手,最著名的是即兴创作的自由爵士乐队“Whose Hat Is This?”以及他在《Blackstar》专辑里合作过的Donny McCaslin。他最近与Chris Potter、 Jon Batiste以及Stay Human在《Stephen Colbert深夜秀》中表演,而他也曾与Empire of the Sun、Carole King、Ben Platt、Knower和Matisyahu等艺人或乐队合作过。 Lefebvre还是多个项目的制作人,其中包括歌手兼作词人Rachel Eckroth的专辑《 When It Fall》(2018)。凭借着过去二十年的所有这些经历, Lefebvre不断提升他的音乐水平,为电贝司发现新的声音,并一路影响着当代音乐家。


Tim Lefebvre has amassed a reputation for being one of the world’s most innovative bassists. The Foxboro-native’s creative playing style is an addictive blend of jazz improvisation, rock undertones, and electronic grooves that can be heard on his appearances on over 150 recordings, ranging from Grammy award-winning albums such as David Bowie’s Blackstar to the soundtracks of classic films such as The Departed. From 2013 to 2018, Lefebvre was the bassist of the dynamic blues rock ensemble Tedeschi Trucks Band, and he can be heard on their three most recent releases, Let Me Get By (2016), Live From The Fox Oakland (2017), and Signs (2019). Before joining the group, he worked with artists such as Wayne Krantz, Chris Botti, and Leni Stern. Now based in Los Angeles, Lefebvre is currently the bassist for numerous groups, most notably with improvisational free-jazz group Whose Hat Is This? and with his Blackstar bandmate Donny McCaslin. He has recently performed with Chris Potter, Jon Batiste and Stay Human on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Empire of the Sun, Carole King, Ben Platt, Knower, and Matisyahu as well. Lefebvre is also the producer for a diverse range of projects, which includes singer-songwriter Rachel Eckroth’s album When It Falls (2018). Through all of these experiences over the past two decades, Lefebvre has constantly expanded his musical artistry, discovering new sounds for the bass guitar and influencing a generation of musicians along the way.


Keith Carlock


Keith Carlock是一位美国爵士鼓手,曾与Toto,Wayne Krantz,Steely Dan,James Taylor,Donald Fagen,Walter Becker,Tal Wilkenfeld,John Mayer,Sting和Chris Botti合作。在2009年《现代鼓手》读者民意调查中,他被评选为最佳流行乐,融合乐与全能鼓手。他是密西西比州音乐家名人堂的成员。


Carlock出生于密西西比州的克林顿,并就读于北德克萨斯州立大学。2009年10月,他发行了教学DVD,名为《Big Picture: Phrasing, Improvisation, Style, and Technique》。


Carlock在1990年代后期结识并开始与Steary Dan合作,先后于2000年与2003年发行了他们的专辑《Two Against Nature》与《Everything Must Go》。自2003年以来,Carlock一直在与他们一起巡演,虽然在2017年Walter Becker去世了,但巡演并未因这个不幸的插曲而停止。2014年1月, Carlock加入Toto,取代了常驻鼓手Simon Phillips。他在Toto的新专辑《Toto XIV》中的每首曲目都参与了演奏,并于2014年4月至5月与他们一起巡回演出。


Keith Carlock is an American jazz drummer who has played with Toto, Wayne Krantz, Steely Dan, James Taylor, Donald Fagen, Walter Becker, Tal Wilkenfeld, John Mayer, Sting, and Chris Botti. In Modern Drummer's 2009 Readers Poll, he was voted best Pop, Fusion, and All-Around drummer. He is a member of the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame.


Carlock was born in Clinton, Mississippi, and attended North Texas State University. In October 2009, he released an instructional DVD called The Big Picture: Phrasing, Improvisation, Style, and Technique.


Carlock met and began playing with Steely Dan in the late 1990s, starring on their album Two Against Nature released in 2000 and then Everything Must Go released in 2003. Carlock has been touring with them since 2003, continuing to do so despite Walter Becker's death in 2017. In January 2014, Carlock joined Toto, replacing longtime drummer Simon Phillips. He played on every track of the album Toto XIV and toured with them in April–May 2014.













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