The Jessica Stuart Few
  1. 地区: 海外
  2. 风格: 民谣 / 摇滚 / 爵士


主唱 Jessica Stuart
贝斯手 Liam Smith
鼓手 Steven Foster

——Don Ross, Canadian Guitar Icon

— Roots Music Canada
— The Globe & Mail

The Jessica Stuart Few乐队是由主唱Jessica Stuart,贝斯手Liam Smith,鼓手Steven Foster组成的独立乐队。他们的曲风自成一格,民谣,爵士和摇滚无所不及,新专辑中加强了“灵魂音乐”的曲风。主唱Jessica Stuart更是逆天一般精通日本十三弦古琴和吉他,这也成为了乐队的最大亮点!

乐队第二张专辑的主歌《Don’t Ya’Being Proclaimed》被评为加拿大CBC电台的“本周之歌”,在日本广播节目FM North Wave中排名 38,Tokio Top 100中位列98。最新的两张专辑《Two Sides To Every Story》和《Kid Dream》在加拿大CBC广播,德国NDR广播,澳大利亚ABC和PBS广播中巡回播出。这两张专辑还获得了美国和加拿大高校广播流行爵士类的第一名。《Kid Dream》的MV在Bravo!电视台巡回播出。

2014国际独立音乐人奖(Winner of 2014 international Independent Music Awards):
最佳专辑Two Sides To Every Story
2013 Soundclash音乐奖第二名
2012 多伦多独立音乐奖提名(2012 Toronto Independent Music Award):


她是加拿大民谣+爵士原创音乐人Jessica Stuart,从小在妈妈的影响下学习日式十三弦(KOTO),在乐曲的创作中把柔美的古琴元素融合进去,形成了她不一样的曲风。

“Amazingly charming,” - Don Ross, Canadian guitar icon

“The best of both folk and jazz,” - AOL Spinner

"The Jessica Stuart Few's playful indie rock could be one of the most charming takes on the genre to come along in some time." - Canadian Musician Magazine

The Jessica Stuart Few is one of the hottest groups to emerge from the Toronto eclectic indie folk scene. Inspiring the term “folk-jazz power trio”, Stuart brings the lyrical playfulness and vocal facility of Joni Mitchell to the unique sound of the traditional Japanese koto (13-string zither) alongside double bass (Dan Fortin), drums (Tony Nesbitt-Larking) and guitar. The combination is unconventional, but clearly works, having earned the trio main stage performances at some of Canada’s top festivals (North By NorthEast, Canadian Music Week, Islands Folk Festival, TD Toronto Jazz Festival, Vancouver Chutzpah! Festival, Opus Mundi World Music Festival etc.), two 2012 Toronto Independent Music Award nominations (Best Live Performance, Best Recording), and landing their music in regular rotation on CBC Radio One and Two.

The Jessica Stuart Few’s sound transports the listener – storytelling set to music that takes chances, all the while maintaining the sing-along hooks that make the group accessible to the roots audience, from folk club, to house concert to festival. In early 2013, ‘The Few’ will launch their sophomore album, Two Sides To Every Story, the much anticipated follow-up to their critically acclaimed debut, Kid Dream. Two Sides To Every Story, mixed by Ian Bodzasi (Sam Roberts, Hey Rosetta) muses with the idea of work vs. play, right vs. wrong, and the lead single ,’Don’t Ya’, which was pre-released earlier this year, was chosen as “Song Of The Week” on CBC Radio One, and called “the perfect 3-minute pop song”, by music critic & CBC host, Errol Nazareth.

All members of The Jessica Stuart Few are active in a wide variety of musical scenes, sharing the stage with some of Canada’s best: Serena Ryder, The Creaking Tree String Quartet, The Odds, Maylee Todd, Steve Poltz, Elizabeth Shepherd & By Divine Right. The Jessica Stuart Few’s charismatic live shows and distinctive sound have made for a busy performance schedule since the launch of Kid Dream in 2010, with extensive touring throughout Canada, and a major tour of Japan in Fall 2013, following the launch of their new album at Canadian festivals next summer.

“a gorgeously light voice…, and heavy musicianship chops to match.” – Eye Weekly, Toronto

“The Few meld their undeniable pop instincts with a playful non-linear approach to jazz and crank up the charm.” – Bob Klanac, London Scene Magazine





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